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About tonight’s episode of Smash, The Musical Chairs:

1. Derek is completely done with Bombshell by signing the choreographer contract. Yay one.

2. Our Marilyn is coming back! I’ve been waiting for this moment since last season. Yay two. Although I liked the Liason too. Can’t forget A Letter from Cecile…

2.5: Brilliant job, Sean Hayes. You made the last moment of Terry in Liason unforgettable. Loved it.

3. Stop acting like a good girl with the talent, Karen. Your behaviour for the  past couple episodes are inappropriate and unprofessional. Glad you’re out of the Bombshell. Yay three.

4. Eileen got back the show! Now back to the appropriate producer. Yay four. And Grace (portrayed Katie), you really look like your legendary mother.

5. I don’t fucking care about Derek and Karen storyline. Just leave the Broadway and marry already. Although now the love triangle has started, they’re not going anywhere, ugh.

6. I smell Ana and Karen’s conflict. In this case I’m team Ana. Thanks. Krysta sounded so much better on the stage.

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